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The Impact of Climate Change on Fertility

A review of the evidence that many organisms, from insects to birds to mammals to plants, are likely to show serious losses of fertility at temperatures well below their lethal limits. The evidence suggests male fertility is particularly vulnerable.


Experimental heatwaves compromise sperm function and cause transgenerational damage in a model insect

Male fertility, and the fertility of sperm stored in mated females, is substantially impaired in seed beetles at high temperatures. Females are much less affected. Some evidence of transgenerational effects.


Local adaptation of reproductive performance during thermal stress

Evidence that fertility shows local adaptation in Drosophila subobscura populations across Europe, with Swedish flies losing fertility at lower temperatures than Spanish flies.


Adaptive thermal plasticity enhances sperm and egg performance in a model insect

Male and females can respond to heat shocks by plastically altering their gametes, making them more robust against high temperatures, in a flour beetle.


Experimental heatwaves negatively impact sperm quality in the zebra finch

Even high body temperature vertebrates (zebra finches) that live in deserts show substantial losses of sperm quality at temperatures they are likely to experience in nature.



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