Our focus

We are an ESEB Special Topics Network with a focus on the effects of climate change on the fertility of a range of species. We unite laboratories across Europe working in this area to answer the following questions:

  • What life history stage and sex is most susceptible to thermally induced sterility and is this predictable across taxa?
  • Are there key stages in gametogenesis or mating that are vulnerable to thermal stress across taxa?
  • What are the most ecologically relevant thermal conditions that cause temperature induced sterility and is this predictable across taxa?
  • To what extent can TFLs evolve? To what extent are they plastic? What are the evolutionary consequences of these different processes?
  • What are the implications of TFLs for population stability?
  • How does knowledge of TFLs alter the understanding of species distributions and their potential response to climate change?

Ultimately, we will develop an agreed protocol to collect the relevant data across a broad taxonomic base, address the role of rising temperatures in the fertility across these taxa, and model how this knowledge improves predictions of species’ responses to climate change.

Read about some of our current projects.

Our team

Our network is made up of academics working in the fields of animal behaviour, ecology, evolution and biology. You can find out more about our network members by browsing the map below or by visiting our members page.

Our location

We are based in several locations, largely in Europe. We regularly meet up for conferences, summer schools and workshops. Browse the map below to see where our European members are based.

Our funders

Our network is funded by the European Society for Evolutionary Biology (ESEB) Special Topics Network (STN) program. Read more